Thursday, December 10, 2015

Paraísos artificial by Daniel Yafalian

1.  Bowduk (cuarto de yerra)
2.  Mercedes y Gaboto
3.  Paraísos artificial
4. Duerman Ovejas
5.  Solo en el monte
6.  Pequeño Mao
7.  blablablablablabla
8.  Carrusel
9.  Muerte en el tarde
10.  Columna Durruti
11.  Sergio Leone

                Having seen the film 'Gigante' by Adrián Biniez, I was immediately struck by a few key moments during the soundtrack and then I found out Daniel Yafalian was behind the best parts.  

                     This album is immensely lush and living as the soundscape goes from soothing experimental drone to forrest sound orchestra.  The ambience expresses so many different moods in a powerful storm of electroacoustic resonance coupled with dynamic dissonance and delivers as well as Brian Eno at his best.  Getting lost in the trance will increase the visualizations of the glory of sonic arrangements and the paradise which is present inside this work of immaculately structured tracks.  

Written by:  Alroy Mellor

10 out of 10*
Echo Optons - 2015- Review

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