Thursday, March 21, 2019

Fake Object - Burden (2019)

Fake Object - Burden (2019)

         An intimate peak into the life of Eric Tomillon (RVA) in the form of 'Burden' (2019).  A stunning portrait of personal reflections in the light of the Super-moon synchronicity with the Spring Equinox.  This is nothing like anything Fake Object has ever produced in that it's more than an exploration into harsh noise wall, this is the arrival at a brand new form of psychic relief structures mixed with aesthetic rituals that will leave you digging deeper and deeper.  This is a monument to inspire future generations of sound artists who have realized the importance of stripped down, soul bearing revelations to showcase the evolution of internal dialogue and the repetition of spoken word sentimentalities.  
        Recorded solely with a microphone and a contact mic.  Moments of liberation sneak into the framework and you find that escape in the hearts of mankind in the dawning of a larger day.  The reality is 'Burden' (2019) by Fake Object is one of the realest releases from Eric Tomillon's prolific career as a sound artist.     

9.3 out of 10  

Written by Alroy Mellor

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