Monday, September 10, 2018

Shambolic Neuromancers by TRASH GODZ

A constant source of surprise and delight, TRASH GODZ delivers something far sweeter than any found material on the side of the road, though one can't be entirely sure until you've examined every single street on every single trash night ever.  This 6 track album is like plugging in something you initially thought was broken and it turns out to work better than you could have ever imagined.  

What stands out are the levels and a carefully mixed set of solid rhythms complimented by background vocals which tease the listener to listen closer to hear what's being said.  The lyrics are pure poetry which tap into and out of different modes of psychedelic sub-consciousness.  At times sounding like a mad scientist trying to explain the mysteries of life while on a heady trip into another dimension, the vocals give the tracks a new life and take the listener on a tour of a sonically rad-trip that you can appreciate as if put into a Zoo where the animals are actually scientific instruments monitoring your experience from within.  Hard to explain how cinematic the soundscapes are in 'Shambolic Neuromancers' but you can see for yourself in your minds-eye as you listen to this, the depth is ever-expanding.  Reading the 'Neuromancer' isn't a prerequisite to appreciate the dynamics of this album but I'm sure it's worth checking out when you get a chance (the book).  

If you can appreciate the falling-into-a-rabbit-hole-like chaos you'll be happy to find a comfort zone in this beautiful abyss.  

Written by:  Alroy Mellor
 (Thanks for letting me take a year off of writing reviews my loyal followers... the hiatus/rest was well-deserved!)  

9.3 out of 10 

Echo Options - 2018 - Review