Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Cop Jokes​/​Hallucinogenic Bulb - Split (2018)

Two on two.

Two incredibly talented noise artists:  Hallucinogenic Bulb & Cop Jokes have come together to create an immensely stacked sonic experience in the hearts and minds of all listeners.  It's really quite a cinematic experience with this unique soundscape which will test your abilities in visualization and auditory processing, leaving you needing to hear it again and again.  With only 4 tracks, this split finds a happy medium between both artists sound pallets arriving at a balanced and cohesive ambience with a side order of original cacophony.  

With a straight to the point track title giving you a taste of literal vs abstract interpretation of what's going on behind-the-scenes called '200 Whooshing Noises Played At The Same Time' Dave Peterson has brought new awareness to the simplicity of arranging noise to create actually very complex results in the delivery and presentation of the piece.  'Resynchronization' takes you to the peak of industrialized sound structures and drops you straight into the gears and gizmos of a harsh noise factory that happens to sit by an ocean of chaos; a wispy hiss, a hissy wisp which unites the whole with whispers from beyond our sense of time and space.  Truly a hallucinogenic experience and lives up to the name.  

There's nothing funny about Cop Jokes.  In all seriousness, Dan Getty showcases a very organic quality and dedication to nostalgia with the track 'Sidewinder' that could very well be one of the best ambient noise tracks of 2018.  Get ready to hold on for dear life after 'Blood Gulch' which works very well as the opening track and helps set the precedent for what's to come.  It's an explosive piece that will affect you viscerally and take you deep within the realm of harsh noise sensibilities like a log flume ride that got renovated into a tower of actual blood soaked terror, or maybe the white water rapids just got replaced with kool-aid (Jim Jones brand).  Not that this will make you contemplate ending your life via mass-suicide, in the best way your life will have already ended before the split is over and you will have been reborn, re-assembled in the human biology factory to make you into a better person who also happens to be a highly seasoned noise-aficionado.  

In the end, it's well worth the time downloading the free digital download and I highly recommend spending some time with these two and their four amazing tracks.  

9 out of 10 stars

{Cop Jokes is Dan Getty}

{Hallucinogenic Bulb is Dave Petersen}

Written by Alroy Mellor

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