Sunday, March 13, 2016

*MIDNIGHTERS~* by Pond Scum

{*MIDNIGHTERS~*  by Pond Scum}

1.  margaret jane
2.  themes of neoplatonism, platonihilism, plates of steel rhythm, and the gestapo
3.  the gfsf 
4.  freeze the clock
5.  aries
6.  am too
7.  head lopper
8.  incompatible genetalia 
9.  temptress
10.  i can no longer think in guitars
11.  drama club!  
12.  digitalis
13.  sexual betrayal
14.  ghost
15.  grow pretty or beautiful
16.  shopping whore / starmen

                   Get ready to listen to the sounds of the approaching summertime of your soul.  Rise and shine, these are quality electro-pop songs which are clearly better than the greats of the older generations.  Pond Scum has created something really worth listening to here.  You'll be dancing and clapping hearing these tracks while wondering how these time travelers have managed to find you in time to calm your wild heart and reassure you there are good people making amazing music all the time and here it is.

                   Behold a masterwork of glorious pop and, at sporadic but appropriate times, ambient joy noise and other escapades of sonic delights.  There are countless moments where this album completely takes over your consciousness leaving you comfortably in the hands of those who know how to guide you to an ultimate climax of enjoyment through tonal manifestations and psychic phenomena.  Keep this album close to your top 10 most played songs on your iTunes.  Without spoiling any surprises, I recommend hearing it for yourself and experiencing the magic.    

Written by:  Alroy Mellor

{Pond Scum, VA}

Echo Options -  Review -  2016

10 out of 10 stars

Emeralds of Opium by Sandcastle

1.  dark deal
2.  blue tattoos (of angel wings)
3.  dust
4.  alone
5.  riding with the wind


                    Sandcastle happens to be one of the best DIY bands from Philadelphia at this current juncture in human evolution.  Emeralds of Opium does a splendid job staying true to the original Sandcastle soundscape featuring whimsical and magical concepts made as sweetly and enjoyable as honky tonk pop-rock can be when under the control of a tasteful composer.  These songs are almost out of a space-time vortex connected to the 70's.  There's something very other-worldly yet timeless about these tracks which can only help to launch the creative mind to feel immediate inspiration (and at times heavy perspiration) at the rush of amazing tones and guitar riffs.  It hits right to the soul of what makes good rock and roll so addicting and fulfilling on a musical-spiritual level.  

                   I was fortunate enough to hear their album Kisses for Witches back in 2013 via Dingus and was blown away by the instrumentation complimented by the most gentle and beautiful vocals.  Recently I was even more fortunate enough to see their live set at Cha-Cha-Razzis last show with Moor Mother Goddess and R. R. Perkins, as well as other amazing acts.  

                                         This is a band to keep your eyes & ears tuned to.    

Written by:  Alroy Mellor


Echo Options - Review - 2015
10 out of 10 stars