Monday, August 19, 2019

HogBarber - Witch's Ingredients (2019)

1. Witches Ingredients 2. Hyper Normie Rando 3. I Need a Song for This Name 4. Ghost In The Road 5. Boy(i) voice/ Boiz voice 6. A Timer is Set 7. I’ve Told You. Meelian Times 8. Hurrying/ Not Worrying 9. Shining in My Head 10. 50 Foot Flames (it’s Starting to Rain) 11. Sleep Feeling Nice 12. Water, Acid ... And Some Other Stuff

                             This is the second post featuring the work of Drew Blankenship's project "HogBarber" and our first post related to the latest SoundCloud release "Witch's Ingredients" coming in at 32 minutes and 42 seconds.  The first nine minutes sound like what it would be if every member of the band The Strokes had a mellow & collective lucid dream with The Flaming Lips and nobody can see their hands moving just music coming from within.  The next phase of this work is more awake and comes together to form very melodic psychedelia in sunshine feel complete with ambiguous vocals to make it all the more mysterious when intermixed with abrupt song changes leading into a meditative drone.  This is the sound of true d.i.y. straight to soundcloud psychedelic indie music.  Personally I could have gone without the vocal loop crescendo jammer but they are sure fun to make I can tell you that.  
                                   Not sure if I can tell you the exact list of ingredients after listening to the whole thing but this work has something magical to it and could be worth listening to again if you like the d.i.y. soundscape and original heartfelt xylophone riffs.  

by Alroy Mellor

8 out of 10 stars 
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