Sunday, November 29, 2015

RTT Greatest Hits by Reptile Tile

                       Whenever you find the time to listen to all these tracks you will be moved to tears at how perfect each track is so be prepared to cry a lot.  This album will take you through multiple layers of musical history and will test your ability to sit down and listen to the resonant voices of pure consciousness.  It's hard to play favorites because each track is more unique than the last and could be eligible for a guinness world record of some kind, it's that good.  It's almost as if these songs have always been written by the immortal reptilian beings who seem to be responsible for most of societies greatness, tho this might not be the case.  Going from beautiful electronic noise to lo-fi psychedelic grooves, Reptile tile enlightens the listening experience by being completely original for a gloriously extended period of time.

                      The messages in this album are powerful, "you've gotta love yourself before others can love you," while others are seriously hilarious and seem to be poking fun at the musical tropes and cultural units (or memetic entities) which appear time and again.  The content is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and don't worry if you can't listen to it all at once because you'll certainly want to hear it more than once.  These really are the greatest hits and Reptile Tile never ceases to impress with each song so there's always something to look forward to.  Get ready to be shocked at how talented this group is and prepare to merge into the everlasting greatness contained within this bandcamp album which is hands down the most entertaining collection of heartfelt bangers ever written by the hybrid-humans of reptile tile.  

Written by: Alroy Mellor

10 out of 10 *
Echo Options - 2015 - Review 

JNL by Janelle

1. Restore
2.  No Maps
3.  Man Town
4.  Hero
5.  Drive
6.  Bed of Lies

                     These local Philadelphia musicians are successfully packing a solid blend of lush shoegaze influences and carefully constructed three-piece rock & roll jams.  This album starts off like hardcore space punk that lifts off into pure experimental jam with a hint of grunge.  What stands out is the clarity of the bass on these tracks and the organic synchrony between the steady rhythms of the drum beats which are spectacular to listen to.  It's hard to skip any of these tracks but if you do be sure to skip to track 6 'Bed of Lies' which is a stand-out cut from this release.  Definitely comparable to many great indie bands that are also borderline synth pop but individuates efficiently enough to sound completely unique.  

                     Suicide Bong Tapes  has a glorious arrangement of other South Philly bands who explore a similar vibe of powerful punk and hardcore mixed with experimental indie jams.   

Written by: Alroy Mellor

9 out of 10 *
Echo Options - 2015 - Review

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Vision In Furs by Chemists // 化学者

1.  Warm // Forever
2.  Heirloom Luna
3.  Vision in Furs
4.  It's Still You..
5.  Sayumi 
6.  Soundless
7.  Into Slow House
8.  The Deep Time Virtual

                       Chemists // 化学者 manifested a glorious gem of d.i.y. psychedelia inspired by shoegaze and chillwave in the form of 'Vision in Furs' which was recorded in June of 2014 in Richmond, Virginia.  Playing underground shows and dazzling audiences, the sounds are beautifully mastered forms of the spirit of the live show which are phenomenal to behold.      

                       With a magnetic splendor, this album will fuse your understanding of magnetism with the musical morphology as each track gravitationally lifts you to the pinnacle of human-natures wisdom in its purest form.  This is a psychedelic masterpiece which will stand the test of time.  As gently as it starts it gradually fades away into the softest fireworks display ever made.  The glimmer will work it's magic on you and put you in the place of your dreams.  Each track is a completely unique experience and the whole album is a must-have item for any lo-fi psychedelic collectors of sonic enhancements.            

Written by:  Alroy Mellor

9 out of 10*
Echo Options - Review -2015

Vol. II by R. R. Perkins

1.  Motion
2. Stroll
3.  River Trail
4.  Tangled
5.  Mimi
6.  Sidewalk
7.  Wane
8.  Spectrum

                   A golden cohesion of classic sounds, the artist known as R. R. Perkins (Philadelphia, PA) has a musical depth to share with the world and does so marvelously well.  One must be prepared to be immediately elevated to a new plane of auditory appreciation and prepare for the relaxing walk into your ideal visionary paradise within your own imagination.

                   Inspirationally vast while in a very confined space, this album takes you on a pleasant and quick tour through the soundscape of R. R. Perkins sonic vision from the golden days.  Each song runs about a minute but your mind will be transported to a long winding dream trail through a serene field of opals resonating a chill frequency into the upper atmosphere.  The rhythms and the melodic hooks will pull you back for a few more listens before Vol. III comes out in December.  

9 out of 10 *
Echo Options - Review - 2015